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Tone Sculptor Tool Kit

Raul Tizze
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Guitar Tube amplifier tone modeling tool for Ableton Live.

Creating the right guitar tone can be overwhelming.

Ableton has the potential to build any guitar tone with the same quality as professional dedicated guitar plugins. But distortion is a complicated subject. This Rack Collection makes tube amp emulation super easy and customizable with no more than 2 knobs you can get an infinite tone palette using only stock plugins.

With two knobs: Drive and Color Gives a full range of sound possibilities, change diode types, clipping and harmonic content to create your perfect tone.

Add devices, change their positions and tweak the knobs to get any tube amplifier possible.


8 devices:

1- Signal Control

2- Volume

3- Preamp Soft Tube

4- Preamp Light Tube

5- Preamp Heavy Tube

6- Power Amp Light Tube

7- Power Amp Heavy Tube

8- Drive Enhancement

  • A complete pdf guide with full explanation on how to use it.

I created this rack collection using clipping measurements and mapping the Ableton device in a safe range. So you don't need to spend hours finding the right spot or compensating volumes.

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Tone Sculptor Tool Kit

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